October 29, 2019

For me, equanimity is a mind quality that we are encouraged to experiment with not only during our yoga practice (on the mat) but also after our practice (off the mat) when we interact with the world.  What is an equanimous mind?

An equanimous mind is one that values all mind/body states equally without the judgements and the labels of "good and bad", "right and wrong", etc..  Equanimity is all about the balance of opposites,  vigilant re-alignment of body/mind/spirit, and letting go of the Ego and judgements.

Merriam-Webster says that equanimity is evenness of mind, especially under stress; balance.

Wikipedia says that equanimity is a state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by exper...

November 16, 2017

It means that you can not always control the landscape of your life and/or other people’s actions, but you CAN always control your response. You can learn to become more resilient. You can learn ways to re-balance, re-center, re-focus yourself anytime. Resilience and Stress Resistance can be trained and improved.  

My Vision, Mission and Brand (GAUYAFIT) are all focused on helping people, Midlifers (50 ish years of age) develop skills and practices which improve their ability to, "Surf the waves of live."  In these turbulent times, it is easy to get overwhelmed, overstressed, anxious and depressed. Most of us have experienced many life-altering challenges by this point in life. We have had health challenges, financial challenges, marita...

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