"Helping Active Agers surf the waves of their life with less stress, MORE JOY."

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To create a wave of positive change in our world and empower Active Agers to live their lives to the fullest.


To help Active Agers come out of adversity stronger, wiser, more confident, fitter, and able to surf the waves of their life. 

DEANNE GAUYA, HOLISTIC FITNESS COACH, STRESS REDUCTION EXPERT - and Amazon Best-selling Author & Speaker.  For 30+ years, she has remained on the 'cutting edge' of mind/body medicine and holistic fitness; successfully re-inventing her business several times.  DeAnne has helped 1,000s of clients across the country from Hollywood stars to The White House.

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Would you like a life with less stress and more joy?

I address stress reduction and increased resilience/adaptability through the Eight-Limbed Yogic Path, the techniques of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (as taught by Jon Kabat Zinn), and the other self-awareness/self-regulation practices.


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Our Journies

I believe that any fitness improvement program must address all aspects of fitness (i.e, physical-, mental-, emotional- and spiritual fitness). I believe that programs need to be long-term oriented and become a "Way of Life/Lifestyle". Programs are client-centered, focus on increasing competency related to making mindful choices that are aligned with goals, and start from a strength-based perspective through the use of Positive Psychology.

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Would you like to be able to surf the waves of your life with less stress, more joy?

Your point of power is the present moment.

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I can be booked for presentations and workshops in corporations, small-medium businesses, senior centers and spiritual centers. I offer small group retreats built around specific themes several times per year. Ask for more details.

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*Create less stress and more joy
*Live a richer fuller life
*Do things you never dreamed you could do!





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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Head of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports

“I appreciate your expertise on such issues as physical fitness, health and sports medicine, and involvement and interest in helping to make all Americans more physically fit.”

Richard Kovacs

“My personal trainer extraordinaire! I had tried to lose weight for many years, after DeAnne and I got together I lost over 40 pounds! For an 83 year old guy I am very fit, I can easily do 5Ks. I feel like a 50 year old (ok maybe 60)."