3 Easy Ways to Manage Stress in the Moment

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2017

-Focus you attention on your breathing. Breathe in fully through your nose and out through your mouth. When exhaling through your mouth, let out an audible sigh or “Ahhhh’.

-Close your eyes and silently repeat to yourself, “So” as you inhale through your nose and “Hahm” as you exhale through your nose.

-Place several drops of an essential oil or essential oil blend on the inside of your wrists, on your upper chest and under your nose and breathe in the aroma (Aromatherapy). Good oils to use are Young Living Essential Oils which are extremely pure produced using methods that render the oils with optimize effectiveness. Examples of oils to try: Peace & Calming, Tranquil, Stress Away, JOY, Lavender, Chamomile or Rose.


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