Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction & Yoga

I address stress reduction and increased resilience/adaptability through the Eight-Limbed Yogic Path, the techniques of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (as taught by Jon Kabat Zinn), and the other self-awareness/self-regulation practices.

Lifestyle Fitness & Behavior Change

I believe that any fitness improvement program must address all aspects of fitness (i.e, physical-, mental-, emotional- and spiritual fitness). I believe that programs need to be long-term oriented and become a "Way of Life/Lifestyle". Programs are client-centered, focus on increasing competency related to making mindful choices that are aligned with goals, and start from a strength-based perspective through the use of Positive Psychology.

Presentations, Workshops & Retreats

I can be booked for presentations and workshops in corporations, small-medium businesses, senior centers and spiritual centers. I offer small group retreats built around specific themes several times per year. Ask for more details.