Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2019

Tree pose can teach us so much.  It allows us to experience grace in uncertainty.  It teaches us (physically), how to root down in order to rise up, and using a mental image of a tree can help us become more tree-like.

Want to try this pose?  

Start in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) with both feet solidly rooted, weight evenly distributed through all four corners of both feet, feet hip-distance apart and all of your joints stacked from the feet on up.  

Think of pouring all of the energy from one leg into the other and mindfully take one foot off of the floor.  

Find a focal point for your gaze (drishti).  A laser-like focus of the gaze can really help with focusing your attention and being fully present; making balance easier.

Turn the knee outward, come onto the ball of the foot, gently lift the foot off the floor or ground and find a comfortable spot on the opposite leg to place  your foot.  This place can be below your knee or above, but not directly on the inside of the knee joint.  

Place your hands in Prayer Position (Anjali mudhra) at the center of the chest; gently pressing your thumbs into your sternum (like two magnets coming together).

If you are in a 'good place' with your balance, you can try other arm variations.

Stay in the pose as long as you are comfortable.

Come back to Mountain Pose.  Close your eyes.  Bring your hands alongside your body with your palms facing forward.  Just take several cycles of the breath to allow the pose and your efforts to really sink in.

Try Tree Pose on the other side.

If doing Tree Pose 'free-standing' is too challenging, start by doing it at the wall.  
If you have questions or need assistance with making this pose work for you, please reach out to me.


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