What does, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf" mean?

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2017

It means that you can not always control the landscape of your life and/or other people’s actions, but you CAN always control your response. You can learn to become more resilient. You can learn ways to re-balance, re-center, re-focus yourself anytime. Resilience and Stress Resistance can be trained and improved. 

My Vision, Mission and Brand (GAUYAFIT) are all focused on helping people, Midlifers (50 ish years of age) develop skills and practices which improve their ability to, "Surf the waves of live."  In these turbulent times, it is easy to get overwhelmed, overstressed, anxious and depressed. Most of us have experienced many life-altering challenges by this point in life. We have had health challenges, financial challenges, marital/relationship challenges, challenges related to the well-being of our children, challenges related to dealing with aging parents and role-reversal. The list could go on and on.

The point is WE have survived, but maybe Our Life is not what we want it to be. WE are dissatisfied and know that something(s) need to change. At this pivotal point, WE have choices that we can make that will bring more joy into our lives. We can become more stress resistant, resilient, adaptable, healthier and happier.

I want to create experiences that help Midlifers feel, “Less Stress and More Joy”, and have these experiences translate into a new way of being and living. I believe that practices that help YOU, learn to ride the waves of life, breath by breath, moment by moment, fully, mindfully and consciously are key practices to living with “Less Stress and More JOY”. I also believe that holistic (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) fitness is critical.


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